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4+ years Customer Support Experience/Remote Customer Support Experience

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My objective is to be an asset to your company. To be able to not only be proficient in the providing great results but to also do so in a way that would inspire others to do the same. Furthermore, my objective is to be able to perform the responsibilities required of me and to do so on a timely professional manner.

I am computer literate and know and understand how to be able to do research on the internet for certain information and be to do certain downloads and use/have Microsoft office. I have always been into speaking with people and being able to help them in whatever they may need information on. In my past jobs I was able to help customers in many ways due to me being able to speak two languages; English and Spanish. In my most recent job, I was expected to do research on exactly what is going on with customers device or any other issue they are calling/chatting in for to assist them with the issue they are contacting in for. Due to software updates being very common, things usually are changing around so researching is a necessity where I currently am working to assist customers. all customer quickly during call/chat and one minute after call/chat maximum. I have also worked in Customer service skills and have been developing them since 2015. As well, as technical service experience in multiple jobs. Places I have worked at required the use of a computer and other electronics. I am able to work under a lot of pressure and stress, when deadlines are met. I can multitask and do many things at once proficiently on a timely manner. Lastly, I can write in both English and Spanish as well.