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1, Because I have 5+ Successful Years as Customer Support with Medvocation Company,  it will not take me much time to get up to Speed,  such that i will be of Value to you and Your Company.

2, I Have Contacts in the Industry ( B2B ) a Rollerdex of People i know in the Industry, so i can go back to there, with your Products or Sevices, go back to those People and gain Access to them, because i already have the Relationship with Them, since i am from the industry and i have  connections Industry , this Contacts are still Valid, it is a Valuable Network, that i have.

3, I have Excellent Prospecting System, to get New Clients. How i am going to get New Business for the Company is by going after Existing Network, and i  am also going to go after New Clients, and i here is how am going to do it, i will also Leverage on my Social Media Presence, to get New Qualified Leads into the Pipeline example: LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Face book, Very Useful for me in the B2B Space.

4, I am also a Self Starter, so you do not have to Hold my hands as it were, i will be able to take the Material you give me, and run with it, such that you do not have to check on me, everyday, i am a Mature enough Senior Sales Executive, so i can go out there and start doing it, If you give me the information i need, training on the Products, training on the Service, Give me a Territory, Give me a set of Accounts, then i can outthere and make things Happen, because i am a Self Starter.

5, From a Presentation stand Point, i can represent the Company Well, i can Present the Product Well or Service, i Present Well, I speak Excellently Well, and i say Things Concisely.

Once again i lookforward to collaborating with and improvising with your Company .