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I'm a customer care specialist who cares about the details and the people

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Administrative Assistant

I have extensive administrative and customer service related experience as well as experience working remotely. I am very tech savvy and can use computers and programs with ease. I also enjoy helping people and have an upbeat and happy personality. I am an open and clear communicator. I am very flexible and aim to please in any way possible.

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A well-rounded person with a passion to solve problems and help others. Visionary and a leader. Known for being a quick learner and an enthusiast . Self motivated with a positive attitude. Looking for a remote role in a growing company.

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Customer success

As a customer success manager at my previous employer, I grew long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. I believe that customer satisfaction is the road towards a loyal customer. I take pride in being the company's face when interacting with the clients and customers, solving their problems, and keeping them happy. As a person who also worked as a customer and technical support give me insight into what truly is a world-class customer relationship. I develop genuine relationships with customers by having an actual drive to help them. With my last employer, I reduced the onboarding time by 20%. I achieved this by doing the initial set-up process at the customer success level rather than putting it on the customers. This improved onboarding time and increased overall customer happiness. My renewal rate was 90%, which I achieved but taking regular follow-ups and providing exceptional customer and technical support, Which I could achieve by collaborating with the customer and technical support, increasing the first contact resolution rate by 40%. I also have worked as a customer/technical support. Where I developed my technical and people skills and learned to deal with a diversity of people. I can put myself in my client's shoes and create a genuine emphatic relationship. I am a team player with the drive and determination to succeed. That is necessary to be a customer success specialist. I understand that my success is tied to my team and I pride myself on being a leader and a mentor to my co-workers when required. I believe we can accomplish anything as long as we work together as a team. Not only do I work well in a start-up environment, I thrive in it. The chaos is where I shine the most. Finding a path when there is none is one of my greatest strengths. I am tech-savvy; I take no time to learn and adapt.